R3 Training Solutions leans into the concept that as a collective we all can improve, learn, and ascend together.

Cody Alford, Founder

Cody Alford is a father, entrepreneur, mental health advocate, and retired MARSOC Raider who served 15 years in the military with a handful of tours overseas. He holds the title of the youngest leader to ever reach the highest enlisted rank, E8, in the marines.

Beyond retirement he has expanded his endeavors including becoming a self-help coach, leading his mindset mastery community called R3 Training Solutions (formerly Defy Tribe), motivational speaking, and growing his apparel brand called, Defy The Norm.

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Ana Fish, Wellness Coach

Ana's mission is to educate healthcare professionals, or anyone else working in a high stress environment, how to fuel their body and create a true work-life balance. One that will benefit themselves, their families and those in their care.

From paleo diets, to fasting, to carnivore, you name it, she's done it. From exercising up to 24 hours a week to barely being able to find time at all, she's lived it. There is no one answer to perfect nutrition. You need a personalized approach and someone who is just as committed to your own success as you are.

She's a serial perfectionist, your biggest fan, your biggest critic and your best friend rolled in one. I can get you to your fitness goals. 

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Siegfried Lauren, Financial Advisor

With an impressive 13 years of experience in financial planning, he has collaborated extensively with some of the nation's preeminent banks and esteemed financial institutions, including TIAA and, more recently, Fidelity.

He possesses a degree in Economics and is a distinguished member of the National Honors Society for Economics and Academic Excellence. Further augmenting his credentials, he has earned a certificate of Financial Planning from Duke University. His areas of expertise encompass portfolio management, retirement planning, insurance, and both estate and legacy planning. I

In addition to these accomplishments, he serves as a Partner at Acuity Wealth Management and dedicates his expertise as the CEO of Acuity Risk Management, the firm's specialized insurance division.

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Dan Doss, Marketer

Dan is a father, entrepreneur, digital marketer that has a passion for all things tech, artificial intelligence, and helping Shopify based e-commerce businesses expand and grow through conversion rate optimization, google and facebook ads, SEO, and specializes in e-mail based marketing.

Dan leads a company called Shark Byte Marketing and accepts several new clients every quarter.

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