My Experience With Hormone Replacement Therapy

My Experience With Hormone Replacement Therapy

From my time in, to my transition out and my continued journey to become my best self, @coremedhrt has been with me every step of the way to help me be as optimized as possible.

2011 I was constructing a vehicle sniper hide for our students and I felt this insane urge to immediately take a nap.

As a lead MARSOC instructor this of course wasn’t a acceptable feeling.

I went to medical, explained how I was feeling and answered some follow up questions like if I was experiencing any erectile dysfunction, loss of cognitive function, depression, etc.

This lead me to my first blood draw.

72. 72 was my testosterone levels I had.

My mind was blown and it all began to make sense.

I was put on TRT or testosterone replacement therapy immediately and began to see noticeable differences in my overall health and function.
Fast forward till 2018, I’m on my last 30 days of military service and I can’t get the support I need for my supplements.

I checked into the VA and it was if they never looked at my medical record of extensive blood work and doctor visits.

They prescribed me half my dosage of testosterone and no partnering supplements for a healthy protocol. (HCG, estrogen blocker).

That’s when I found out about @coremedhrt

More then getting the best care I’ve ever received for hormone replacement delivered to my door, for once I actually had specialist look at my blood.

This lead me to addressing other very important discrepancies that where not addressed previously.

I can’t begin to tell you how important our health is.

Your full panel blood work alone could potential save your life by Informing you of things you’re not even aware of.

If you’re active duty, LEO, Pete from down the street and your not feeling your best, dragging ass, low libido, Brain fog, mild depression or even mood swings, you can stay that way, or click here and begin the path to becoming your best self

and I’ll get you setup with a blood draw to get you on your road to optimization and wellness.

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