You Have To Become Someone Different To Do Uncommon Things.

You Have To Become Someone Different To Do Uncommon Things.

You have to become someone different to do uncommon things.

War is one of the most perverse uncommon things humans can do.

We haven’t learned our lesson over the centuries of fighting, so we are doomed to repeat our past.

A lot of the beta beings that exist and liberal extremist say that war was always a racket and the military is stupid.

Only half of that is true.

Most men I served with didn’t do so for the basement dwellers residing in mamas palace, nor the flag that claims freedom.

They and I did so for our fellow brothers and sisters we forged relationships with while serving.

You’re alone when the sound of violence begins to play.

No support from home or country is with you when your adrenaline is pumping so hard that the discipline and repetitiveness of all your training makes sense.

Whatever your uncommon thing is you’re doing or pursing, become someone who’s not reliant on support from others but forge relationships with those pursing like minded goals to become unstoppable.

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