Records Were Broken That Day..

Records Were Broken That Day..

"I Climbed up out of the dried up irrigation ditch I was in and totally exposed myself (while the majority of my team and platoon was horribly pinned down) I crawled to a small piece of micro terrain to prop my MK-11 on, and decided that would be my final stand... I was ready to die.

My life was in the shitter, I felt like I had more friends waiting for me on the other side than I did here (my previous 3 combat deployments were rough) so l consciously decided I was going to die there and take as many with me as I could.

The combat we went through that day was ranged and also very, very, close and personal as we closed the distance to the enemy on our counter attack...

I guess the Big Man Upstairs smiled upon me and liked the work I was putting out, because I killed them before they could kill me or my brothers.

Records were broken that day.”

These were not words but rather from Retired Force Reconnaissance/ Marine Scout Sniper Frank Simmons @frankie_308

What you do in the face of adversity will echo an eternity.

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