Like All Truth, We Can Write It Different If We Choose

Like All Truth, We Can Write It Different If We Choose

You are the solution!

Too many of you are biting your nails with clinched butt cheeks watching the news and fearing death.

You fear it because you at whatever age you are have yet to live.

The majority of you deny yourself the freedom to shed skin and become renewed.

Holding on to insecurities as you watch others walk a path you know is meant for you.

All the money you make or the little you take home from a job you like at the cost of your soul, will never satisfy one’s desire to live.

You will always feel like Swiss cheese, missing components of yourself wondering why limitations of the mind find you.

This isn’t an anti 9-5 job post, it’s an anti playing f*cking small post.

You’re watching others do what you want because you don’t believe you can yourself.

That’s not a knock on you, it’s the truth.
Like all truth, we can write it differently if we so choose.

The main hold up from people is :

I don’t have a story, no one will care, I don’t know where to start, I don’t know what to do, I have nothing inside.

My friends, the devil has filled the void in your mind you created by believing you’re nothing of significance.

When I tell people that after 1.5 hours with me and my white board, they will unlock more power, clarity and direction then they’ve had in the past 5 years, they’re hesitant to believe at first.

After however, they become someone different which is what you’re looking for.
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