Get On The Roof..

Get On The Roof..

Get to the roof!”

The phrase that sent massive amounts of fear into my body.

The only people coming down from there were dead or maimed.

This particular event was exactly 30 days after being shot in the Helmet day one of entering the city of Fallujah.

My buddies and I didn’t have an opportunity to sit it out.

There was no safe space to decompress from the chaos of hell

I guess you could say this is where I forged my facing fears and overcoming adversity at.

Our youth today need direction and empowerment.

They don’t need the distant lands to bring adversity, they just simply need a small ounce of doubt inside their minds to make them crumble.

To ensure our continued freedom and domestic tranquility, it is imperative that we turn our efforts towards our youth.

January 1, 2024 my 8wk online youth mentorship program begins.

If you have a son from the ages 11-18 that you’re wanting to invest in, this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Your sons will be focused on their mission that even an overwhelming surge of enemy fighters won’t be able to throw them off.

It’s time to Build Back Our Youth!
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