6 Things I want to share to 15-35 year old men

6 Things I want to share to 15-35 year old men

6 things I want to share to the 15-35 year old men out there. I've pinned this to my @thecodyalford instagram feed because I think it's some values that I wished I had leaned into harder in my time in the military. 

1- No one gives a shit about your past, they care what you bring to the table today.

2-Quit acting like you know it all. Your alcohol consumption and escapism says otherwise. Hire a coach or mentor and create the life you want.

3-If you don’t know how to begin your journey in life, start by reducing the things you know you don’t want. For some that might mean living well below your means to reset and gain clarity.

4-Porn is destroying your mind and relationships. Don’t believe me? Just look how unfulfilled you are. Ditch dopamine and seek discomfort.

5- Exercise and eat unprocessed food. Society wants you flaccid in many ways beside one. Stop willingly being it’s control lab rat and defy the ways of the modern man and become unstoppable.

6- Educate yourself on things you’re curious about and want to know more of. Curiosity with no action is mental slavery.

This picture is circa whenever it was where men shit talked without filing EO complaints.
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