Writing Death Letters..

Writing Death Letters..

These 3 men were my highlight.

At the ripe age of 18, I wrote death letters alongside these men as our platoon commander informed us of the 70% odds of not making it out of Fallujah alive or without injury.

Made sense since over half our sniper platoon would become wounded in the next 7 months.

We fought alongside one another on rooftops that many didn’t make it down from alive.

When losers comment hate on my post I laugh because they mean nothing to me because they’re just straight losers.

Let me give you a quick lesson, when you take a man’s life; carry a lifeless body and willingly throw yourself into harms way for your fellow team mate, internet hate is laughable.

You guys remember that when you decide to not speak your mind and share your history.

Amazing seeing my brothers and hearing how they’re facing their own struggles, pursing and strengthening their faith and living a life with meaning.

These young breed of men are the future, if we fail to evolve, they will crumble.

To all you out there who are fighting the demons inside with substances and addictions that anchor you down, keep fighting and stop doing it alone.
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