What Is An Extraordinary Life?

What Is An Extraordinary Life?

What is an extraordinary life?

We might not have walked the same path, but we can end up at the same destination.

The path of growth is full of turmoil, hardships, adversity, loss and the unknown.

To the weak minded these words are crippling, to those with eyes to see, these words are freeing.

To live an extraordinary or remarkable life, one must weaponize their perspective to see what is unseeable.

This pic was taken during a lull in a gnarly gunfight that broke out because we decided to set up camp in Terrys back yard.

Hell started with silence, then a radio transmission.

“We have five armed…”

The zipping of suppressors started the fun.

And then came the causalities.

The violence of man is no match to the violence ones capable of inflicting onto oneself.
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