We All Start Somewhere

We All Start Somewhere

We all start somewhere.

I remember just having a dream as a young kid.

That dream lead to a leap of faith which I call action.

That action lead to a result.

The result lead to an outcome.

The outcome lead to a consequence.

The consequence lead to a discovery.

The discovery lead to a resolution.

The resolution lead to a new dream.

That dream has lead to a leap of faith to where I’m at today.

It’s easy to think you’re not making it, but what does that even mean?

I’ve been sharing for 6 years on here, recently blew up about a year ago “socially” but the dream hasn’t changed.

Only me. I’ve changed.

My dream is too big to not.

Learn from your journey, seek out healthier practices, tighten your circle, expand your network, get the coaching, map it out and go after the life you want.
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