Sometimes Sheep Try To Appear As Wolves..

Sometimes Sheep Try To Appear As Wolves..

Sometimes sheep try to appear as wolves.

Sheep want you to conform while wolves want you to eat.

Last time I checked, everyone reading this post is going to be dead one day.

Even though some of you don’t think you have a choice, I want to remind you and empower you that you do.

You get to decide how you roll and what’s the best vehicle to help you do that.

The amount of STRONG, MASCULINE Men that approached me at SHOT show was overwhelming.

Once again confirming that trolls matter zilch.

The amount of humility, vulnerability and authenticity these men displayed made my heart so full.

Everyone that stopped to say hi or take a picture with me shared how my messages and podcast have impacted them and helped them overcome and pursue a deeper meaning in their life.

You’ll never have someone doing better then you bring you down or try to control you so apply that discernment when choosing your network.

Picture of me in Africa getting some reps in. My team loved shooting and honestly drove me out of my comfort zone when I wanted to chill.
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