Six days in Fallujah...

Six days in Fallujah...

Six days in Fallujah.

Just heard about this new game that was released detailing the epic battle of Fallujah.

We groom generations to want to fight, to kill and to serve all through media and entertainment.

“BUt CoDY iTs FOr frEEdom”.. what’s freedom?

Is freedom a certificate you hold?

Is it a blanket you snuggle up with?

Modern day freedom is a bank account that lines the military industrial complex pockets and business is good.

I can’t really tell you about what freedom is or means to me, but I express it with my daily activities.

My continuous journey to heal, grow and evolve.

To be present, understanding and loving.

To see the potential in others in which they don’t see themselves and unlocking their minds and eyes.

To serve my calling from Creator to free as many people as I can, one self sacrificing discomfort at a time.

Freedom to me is the pursuit of something great.

When you wallow in freedom like it’s a destination, you fall victim to the deception of it all.

If you’re not going after what ignites your soul, freedom is just a thought to you, not a reality.

A video game will never justify the actions one takes to survive.

That’s all war is, survival.

Do those who believed in something bigger then themselves a favor and go after the life you want.

Freedom is and always will be the pursuit of happiness.
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