Let's Stack Your Wins!

Let's Stack Your Wins!

I love winning!

It’s really all I think about.

“But Cody, it’s not all about…”But shut up!

Most of the world is too busy looking on this screen seeing how you compare to the avatar next to you.

Me, I just simply look back at my photos, my journal and my family/friends to see where im at.

Whenever I overcome some form of self imposed limit, I Win.

Whenever I show up for myself, I Win.

Whenever I watch those around me level up their life, I Win!

I’ve been winning for a long time but not before I took a lot of losses.

I still lose at things, but I learn from them and therefore, I Win.

If you focused on current you pursing the future you, (the version you desire most) I bet you’d see more wins for yourself as well, unless your future self is a loser.

Let’s stack a quick WIN for you right now.

Look back to last year on this date… are you the same now as you where then?

For alot of you you’re not and that my friends is a WIN!
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