I Was Called Too Masculine..

I Was Called Too Masculine..

I was called too masculine.

Made me feel really good about myself to be honest with you.

I was introduced to a young man, a few weeks back who clearly has untapped potential and is on a trajectory of self destruction and worse.

I saw this young man at a party act like a complete grenade in public while the parents lived in La La Land inside their mind .

I approached the father and talked about many topics to include the right to bear arms, which he thought was bad and on raising strong young men which he clearly didn’t see the need.

I went through mutual friends and offered my mentoring services because there’s a fine line in a young man’s life where there’s a point of no return, and this young soul was approaching it.

The mother was on board, the son was on board, but the father wasn’t.

He proceeded to say I was too masculine, and that he wanted to be the one to teach his son lessons.

That’s very commendable, but the son doesn’t respect his father because the father doesn’t respect his duty as a father.

I have 21 young men currently in my youth program, and never once has the thought of any of their fathers being weak crossed my mind.

It’s our duties as men and fathers do not gate keep our children’s future, but to encourage and to empower their growth and prosperity by all means necessary.

When I see a trouble kid, I don’t blame society, I don’t blame the system, I blame the parents.

It’s our job to get out of our own way so we can show them THE WAY.

Never forget it begins with us and it’s never too late to make a pivot.

*I was in a swamp for hours as my point man proceeded to tell me he knew where he was going. Clearly the results came back and that was a lie. Sometimes it takes a team effort to get to the objective.
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