From War To Wisdom - Building Back Our Youth

From War To Wisdom - Building Back Our Youth

I heard the voice say shift so I did.

I’ve always wanted to work with our youth but never made the move.

Not sure why, I’m pretty relatable to them.

I guess I always thought that I couldn’t make that big of an impact.

You ever say that to yourself before?

Laughable actually because I’ve been speaking to kids and schools for years.

We over complicate things that need to be leaned into, not resisted.

The supreme voice told me to shift and here I am.

@derrick_hagstrom who’s a friend and previous client of mine is a coach for the local basketball team and set this up.

The difference of impacting the youth and adults is, the youth haven’t forgotten what it’s like to dream.

From war to wisdom it’s my mission to build back our youth
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