From childhood dreams to real world reality, reshaping today's youth..

From childhood dreams to real world reality, reshaping today's youth..

So shocked I down played it all.

This picture represents 3 combat deployments, numerous schools and selection processes And blindness.

I didn’t really conceptualize what all I’ve been through from childhood dreams to real world reality.

This picture represents me taking all of that pain and unknown and repurposing it into power for others.

This was the football team at the Highschool I graduated from.

The head coach found out I was back home visiting and invited me to inspire these young kids about teamwork and overcoming adversity.

At 38 I’ve been asking myself what are all my gifts really for?

Gifts are what life blesses us with that sometimes feels like anchors and turmoil buts that’s only because we are being selfish with them.

I’ve been gifted lifetimes of lessons that I’ve been sharing with our youth for quite some time.

I never thought I’d be so called to pivot and explore the realm of investing into our nations future.

I’m not even sure what I’m doing or what’s going to happen so I guess this is me declaring a new frontier I’m embarking on.

I’ve spoken to thousands of adults and impacted millions online; however im being called to do twice as much for those that have yet to lose their visionary power.

Maybe I’m nuts which could be the case and though I’m not religious nor worship a man, I feel strongly within to surrender what I think I want to do and follow what has been echoing inside me for sometime now.

My biggest pivots have been when I let go or as my Faith bound brothers say “give it to the lord”.

So ya man is doing that.

Im giving it to my belief and connection to consciousness/source of all that is.

We will rebuild this nation by, with and through our youth.

They are the main effort.

They deserve all the support.
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